Tuesday, January 6, 2009

this little piggie went home

our last 2 shows were fantastic. we sold them both out and were cramming people into the aisles. the show itself was rock solid. it was so gratifying to talk to people who'd been to the previews who'd come back to see the change and hear how impressed they were, how the show had really become it's own entity.
michael, our injured td, was back and finally got to see the show.
feedback on the show has been incredible. people have been moved and delighted by it. Got a tremendous note from the Editor In Cheif of BACKSTAGE about how much he loved it, how glad he was that TOSOS was doing this work and how proud he was to have been involved.
Chris and I have plans for the show's future life, but I don't want to divulge them here b/c I don't want to jinx them. am going to keep the blog going to keep you posted.
strike was mercifully brief b/c Wings wanted the walls for its next production. so we just had to pull everything apart and make piles according to what's ending up where. Kathleen and Donna and I loaded up their mini van w/ my pile (which was surprisingly larger than I remembered it being) and lugged it load by load up my four flights of stairs. My apartment now looks like an apartment within an apartment but given my housekeeping skills it's not real noticeable.
got an email Monday from Doric asking me "does it all feel like a dream?" i was just thinking that yes, it does but in a lingering pleasant way. it feels like it's still floating around in the ether, that it's still in the collective consciousness. i keep getting these amazing emails from people talking about it. so i'm not sad, or even nostalgic, i'm just missing it. i feel like it's right over there i just can't put my hands on it. yet. it definitely doesn't feel over.
anyway, that's all for the moment.
but stay tuned...