Friday, November 21, 2008

Page to stage and pig moves

Still making the transition off book. They're doing a great job. It's a very physical show particularly for Jesse and Patrick. Apart from physically becoming the pig, Jesse only has lines made up of words in the first and last scenes. All other responses are pig sounds (some of which are scripted in) and physical movements. We discovered from the reading you have be incredibly specific about what you're saying and how you "say" it, otherwise there's a real danger of becoming general and ultimately meaningless. Patrick has the opposite challenge. He has the bulk of the lines but his scene partner is a pig--essentially non verbal. It's definitely not a monologue but it must be a real challenge to get off book for something when your cues aren't lines. So we have been concentrating mainly on blocking--connecting words (and non-words) with actions to set them into memory.
We're also working on physicalizing the pig--or acting like a pig, if you will. I never really noticed how uniquely pigs are put together. They have short little legs which don't appear to bend much when they walk. Effectively, they trot and are very agile. They don't really have necks (at least not the way we do) which restricts their side to side movement. As far as noises, they squeal when threatened, snort when they're rooting and can even bark when being agressive. This is a lot to chose from. The key is being specific. Also, since Dave is a person and a pig when is he what?

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