Friday, November 14, 2008

A pig is born

Once upon a time… I was reading the paper and ran across a short piece about a woman in suburban Pennsylvania (I believe) who ran afoul of local authorities when it was discovered that she was keeping a pot-bellied pig as a pet. Given the choice of getting rid of her beloved porcine companion or moving to another town, the woman had made the decision to uproot her life and transplant herself somewhere with less stringent zoning regulations. It occurred to me that I knew people who wouldn’t do that for a lover. I wasn’t sure I would do it for a lover. Around the same time I saw an ad for a gay circuit party which featured an image of a very hot guy wearing a fetish-y pig mask. These two ideas collided in my head and somehow became this play. I wanted to write about fear of commitment from a gay point of view, and I’ve also been fascinated by the frequent use of pig metaphors in describing a certain point of view on gay sex. The two seemed linked to me somehow, and this play is the beginning of a dialogue with myself in which I hope to come to terms with what could be described as my own relationship phobia.

I’m so grateful for the support I’ve gotten from many quarters along the way. Tina Howe has been an enthusiastic mentor and has really allowed me to see the possibilities in my own script. Mark Finley is a consummate director and it’s exciting to watch him put the pieces together. I of course wouldn’t be in production now were it not for the support of the TOSOS crew, particularly Doric Wilson and Kathleen Warnock, my two biggest cheerleaders.

Anyhooo… that’s it for now.

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