Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pig Progress

Last night was our first night in the theater.
Wings Theater on Christopher Street has long been a home for ground breaking off off broadway theater--particularly gay theater. Incredibly, this is the first time TOSOS has partnered with Wings though I've been fortunate enough to work there as an actor and a writer.
So we were on the stage for the first time last night. We spent hour working through the first couple scenes, since they are the most complicated and fitting them onto the space. We did some really great intense work and once again, I'm impressed by these actors' concentration and stamina. I'm also excited to discover that my staging works! Fits the stage like a glove. Then we went back, connected the first five scenes together and began working through the rest of the play. We got into the second half of the play but had to stop. We'll pick up there tonight, continue to work through. Then we'll run it one more time before leaving it alone for three days.

We got our cards last night and they look great! Very slick and glossy. United Stages does good work. Am coordinating w/ Ray on loading the set in and setting it up this saturday and am hoping to pow-wow with Ahmed the lighting designer at how best to use the upcoming week.

It's around this time when a split personality would come in very handy, if one of me could continue to work with the actors, one of me could work with each designer and one of me could work with the staff, I'd be a happy man (instead of just a tired one). But I have to remind myself that it's always like this. I'm lucky to have a terrific staff (and cast of course) to keep things in perspective.

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