Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Notice

A very quotable review came out on Tuesday from BACKSTAGE. This is great! So frustrating when reviews come out closing weekend and don't have a chance to help your box office.

"Let's face it: Men are pigs - and frankly, some of us have dated more than our fair share of oinkers. But none of us has been as bad off as poor Johnny Lovejoy when his long-term trick, Dave, transforms into an honest-to-goodness pig in Chris Weikel's charming queer confection Pig Tale: An Urban Faerie Story. Whether it's the snout or Dave's unseemly habit of rooting through the garbage, one fact is clear: The boy is swine....With witty banter, Weikel turns the notion of happily ever after on its well-worn head, injecting camp and fetish gags (furries, anyone?) into Pig Tale's fractured fairy-tale format....Weikel creates an engaging metaphor for modern relationships as Dave transforms from sexual object into human romantic partner." Paul Menard, Back Stage

To read the whole review go to BACKSTAGE. He has some quibbles w/ the structure but I think we addressed most of this in the subsequent previews.

We're back at the theater tonight. Our fantastic lighting God, Ahmed saved the day on Tuesday. There was an issue w/ the hay bale that we're going to take a look at.

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