Monday, December 29, 2008

Week in review and a review

Monday 12/22:
Monday before the holiday. Monday night shows are always a bit tricky. The show's consistantly strong but I never know what to expect once I walk through the doors of Wings. This Monday was no exception. I was expecting attendance to be a little light but we a good little house. Good thing it wasn't a stampede since Wings Box office didn't show up. (see above) The audience enjoyed it except for 2 freebies from the Stein Senior center who yawned loudly through the 2nd half of the show. And maybe they enjoyed it also, but you know....okay, part of the reason why I stay away from a show once it's up and running is that I start directing the audience, but if it's not costing you any money and your sleepiness is going to affect other people's enjoyment, stay home and watch Murder, She Wrote okay? There, I said it.
No show on Thursday b/c it's Christmas and we got some lovely presents from the critics. The Blade voted us one of the years 10 best and lists us as pick of the week!
Friday I was taking a long winters nap when I awoke to three phone messages from Chris. Patrick, our lead, had a temperature of 102, couldn't hear out of one ear and had a terrible soar throat. We went through a couple of different scenarios and I consulted Doric, but ultimately decided to cancel the show. Jen and Chris stayed at the theater, did laundry and set up for the next show. Robert M. called back our reservations and turned people away who showed. I stayed home and fretted.
Saturday everybody's rest seemed to pay off. Patrick was much better and gave a great show to an almost full house.
Yesterday, Sunday matinee at Wings (which comes close to Monday nights but is a little more predictable) was well attended and I'm assuming well played. I made myself leave lest I start checking people's IDs at the door. When did I get so obsessive? I will watch the last 3 performances, so be warned....

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