Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekend in review

Catching up w/ the blog today. The show gets tighter and tighter. I have probably said this before, but it's so exciting to watch these actors really take the ball and run w/ it. We had a "magic of live theater" moment when Patrick cut open his hand on his key chain in the first few moments of Saturday's performance. We stopped the show, patched him up and started over--w/ Patrick and Jesse covering brilliantly and the audience getting a good laugh out of it.
We got some press, too!
Check these out!
Q on Stage

How about them parsnips?

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Patrick Porter said...

What happened was that the ring onto which a smaller more traditional coil-type key ring was attached had unhinged while I was macking with JM on the sofa (it got caught on the afghan). As I crossed to the frig, I shoved the keys into my pocket and withdrew it in horror and sudden pain to see that this larger ring had basically STAPLED through the skin on the top of my left thumb. It started bleeding, profusely, and I tried to keep the scene going while bleeding like a stuck pig and trying to soak it up with the papertowels on the set. As the blood continued to spread and the paper towels started to stack up, it was apparent to me that I needed to get it wrapped properly to do the play justice - I turned to the audience, apologized and said that I needed to stop...Jesse the er...ham...(honey-baked)that he is, entertained the crowd giving them a sneak peak at his harness. I won't go into the clever adlibs once we started over as that was for that moment and that audience. It was a good show! The thumb is doing fine. See y'all Thursday! Oh yeah...we have nixed that added ring on the keys...