Monday, December 22, 2008

That's so nice!

I've been going to the theater, checking in w/ Jen and Chris, doing the curtain speech and leaving. The show is completely theirs now and I felt I needed to stop hovering in the back of the house imagining things to worry about. I saw the whole show again Saturday and yesterday and was impressed at how solid it is--how much it's own little world it is. I sat back there (okay, hovered a bit) feeling proud and priviledged to have had a hand in it.
Reaction to the show has been great, too. After the show yesterday, two guys came up to Chris and I after the show and told us how much they loved it. That it was great to see a show that was about commitment--and that they'd been together for 35 years! Very cool.
Warning--watch for dropping names: Tina Howe (there's one) told Chris that Edward Albee (oops, there another) had been talking up the show at the last Dramatist Guild meeting. These kind words were posted by our founder (okay, one more) Doric Wilson. Very nice indeed.

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