Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We officially opened on Monday. It' s been great having these preivews. The cuts we gave on Sunday shaved a little more time off the show and officially the script is frozen. Of course, today I woke up thinking of more stuff, but we'll save them for the next go round. I'll include some of the cut outs in the blog.
I was inordinately nervous. Probably b/c my work is not officially done. I thanked the cast for their spectacular work. To tell the truth, I've got a little post partum depression going on.
The show itself is solid despite the fact that five minutes before we were to open the house we noticed that we had lost a dimmer. Can someone please give WINGS some money so it can give itself a tune up?
It was really cold outside on Monday, so I was happy to see the turn out. Ray Klausen was in attendance as was special surprise guest, Edward Albee! I got to meet Edward Albee! He really enjoyed the show and Chris said he was thrilled to be getting feedback from the man who wrote Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
We had a casual pizza/cake and beer reception for folk afterwards that was really nice. It moved across the street to Gaetano's. I went home. After busting ass pretty solidly since Saturday of Thanksgiving week, the next two nights of no show are going to be great!

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