Thursday, December 4, 2008

so far so fast

First a testimonial: If you have any sound needs go to cdm studios . They are awesome. Went there Tuesday and Wednesday to put together the sound cues which was kind of challenging since they come from a variety of different sources and also required some live in studio recording. Eric, our sound technician, was awesome! Seriously, if you need anything sound-wise check these guys out. Convenient, knowledgable, friendly and affordable. Tell them Finberg sent ya!
Anyway, Tuesday was the actors Equity day off. Michael (TD) and Chris (playwright) spent the day in the theatre working on the set, Ahmed was installing lights. Jen and I arrived to help out, look out cues etc.
Yesterday, we finished up loading lights, checking out resident equipment and discovering all its idioscycracies. We called the actors at 7 for a 7:30. Um. We meant well. We didn't go at 7:30. I think it was closer to 8:30. Okay, it was nine. The first few cues in the show are the most complicated and had to be written a number of times. But we eventually got past them and soldier on through the 1st half of the play. At this point all the sound cues had been captured and I wanted to give the actors a chance to work w/ them having never heard them before. Because of the hour, we switched over to a cue to cue and but we did finally get them all written. Okay, almost. We're going to redo the final cue and the curtain call at 7 tonight.
I have to say (again) how much I LOVE this cast. Everyone was game to press on and though stressed remained focussed and in good spirits. Unfortunately, Michael had to leave early b/c after adjusting the hay bale he stepped back and there was so stage there. I talked to him this morning and he is feeling a little better but still in pain.
Tonight is our dress rehearsal. We'll have our first audience on Friday.

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