Monday, December 1, 2008

and...we're back!

What a weekend! Our last rehearsal was Wednesday. I can't speak for everyone, but I got some much needed rest, recreation and food. Then Saturday morning rolled around. Company members Rick Hinkson and Paul Batchelor met Chris and I over at the storage space at ten am and started moving the set out of storage. Then we met Ray at the theater. He moved in props and set dressing and taped out the floor as we lugged the set into the space. Then the walls went up. I was amazed at how fast they went up and they look great. Actors arrived at 7 and did a line through in the lobby as the crew finished up on set. Then actors got a chance to walk the set and spaced out some of the larger or more complicated scenes on the set. We broke at 10:30.
Last night, crew went back in at 10 and worked until five when actors arrived. We reblocked a couple of the scenes and did a run through that went really really well. Steve came by to talk w/ actors about costumes and try some pieces on. Ray finished dressing the set and will be back on Thursday for the final dress. He's dividing his time b/w us and Liza Minelli at the Palace (I love saying that.) Ahmed came in to look at lights saturday and will be back tuesday. We record sound cues tomorrow. Actors have an Equity day off tomorrow so we will use the time teching. So it's coming together!
I know I've mentioned here that I'm constantly impressed by how resiliant and focussed this cast is. Did I also mention they're funny and smart? Here's an interview that Jesse May did for United Stages: nice!

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