Friday, December 12, 2008

Congratulations are in order!

Moe Bertran and his partner David Pumo are getting married today! As of this writing they are in Connecticut tying the knot. They are 2 of the coolest people around so we wish all the best. YEA!!!
The show last night seemed even fresher and more on after the two day break. It's really thrilling to watch great actors grow into and inhabit their roles like this. The audience was terrific and they delivered an amazing show.

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kofender said...

Sorry, not on topic (well maybe), but I saw the show last night, and it really hit home for me--far more than I had expected. When I had picked up the ticket, I was expecting a bit of a facile, men-are-pigs, kind of piece of fluff. And that was fine by me. I didn't expect it to be such a telling, insightful look at the evolution of gay relationships, from the sex to the communications (tentative, with little hints from My Fair Lady, how apt in the transformation of Eliza from guttersnipe to princess), to the "I did it for you" moment. Having just lost my partner of 23 years in March to lung cancer, I recognized our story in yours. It was very upsetting and yet uplifting. Thank you. And best wishes to the newlyweds. I hope your lives together are filled with joy